21 year old girl from Spain. Feminist, non-conformist.
I'm a curious mind, one who needs to try many different things. My interests variate throughout time but my passions always remain deep in my heart.
I devour books for breakfast, nourish my soul with laughs at lunch time, and have dinner with sports.
In the depths of the night, I arm myself with a pen and a notebook. I draft new worlds and imagine better futures, which take form in long sentences made of azure ink.
Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to leave your personal trace in this world of ours.

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And then there’s this little one who has decided he wants to become bird seed.

Do you ever regret your life choices? Because I do. ಠ_ಠ

I think this is all I’m going to do for today (it’s basically all the lineart). Image below.

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I’ve told myself I’m not going to get angry today (another thing happened that could have made me start punching a wall, but I’m controlling myself).

So I remembered that my family didn’t let me have a Plushenko picture for my room, and so I promised myself that one day I’d made a wonderful fanart of him so my family would have no other choice but to let me print it. And then I guessed today was a good day to start drawing him, to relieve stress.

I’m kind of “copying” a photo of him I really like. It was hard to choose one from the many I love xD (well, I can always draw all of them). I never draw with references but I’m doing an exception with this one. I don’t think it’s bad or forbidden to take a photo as a reference (I’m not copying over it) because you know, it’s Plushenko, and I owe him the very best I can draw. And he has some amazing poses that I can’t get directly from my memory. So there I go.