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"I am not a machine, I have a heart beating in my chest -not an engine, there's blood in my veins- not oil. I know pain and fatigue. I can lose but I will strive to win everything."


like yeah okay the translation on the dmmd games isn’t the best but at least they translated it??? i mean most of us dont know japanese so instead of being picky you should be nice to them because they tried and they probably didnt even get paid for it

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when you actually can’t look at a character directly because u like them so much and they make you blush


I wish I wouldn’t be so sensitive about some silly things.


Imagine Clear with a big, fluffy, glorious moon jellyfish plushie. fuwafuwafuwafuwafuwa


Imagine Clear’s grandpa and Aoba’s grandma use to date when they were younger and both worked for Toue.


Imagine Clear finding a box of kittens while Aoba is at work and he brings them home and Aoba comes home to Clear laying on the sofa covered in kittens and laughing.



Imagine the DMMD boys playing Five Nights At Freddy’s. Imagine their reactions.

Noiz: actually plays the game, angry screaming from game and cursing the bunny (“I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME GODDAMNIT”), later makes everyone’s coil ringers the sounds of the animatronics shrieks. he’d jump and yelp at first but determined to finish and beat the 20/20/20/20 despite shaking like a leaf

Koujaku: screams a couple times before he’s just completely scared and dying inside. on the outside he looks dead. he is

Aoba: jumps, yelps, constantly throws things at the screen/Noiz when something jumps out. also yells at Noiz to close the doors, check the cameras etc.

Clear: poor thing is crying and clinging to people and hiding behind doggy Ren. much screaming. guess who’s singing the jellyfish song 50 times today

Ren: i picture him as Allmate form, so he’d be twitching and maybe barking but i think he’d be ok

Mink: you think he’s ok with how still he is but inside he is petrified and for the next 2 weeks he’s gonna punch the shit out of anything/one close to him if he hears those godawful shrieks

Mizuki: (i’m including him cause he needs love) that fuckers gonna get himself drunk cause ahahaha can’t be scared if i’m drunk but he’d still scream and cling to koujaku. he’d also be giggling like hell and scaring the shit out of everyone by rolling empty bottles on the floor when nothings happening and clinking them together, especially when power is lost on the game

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gypsumgarden said: Es una forma de mostrar aprecio e interés hacia algo. Y espero que te den esa plaza :`)

Gracias ;3;

Sí. No sé, es que a mí me gusta mucho interesarme por la gente, no dejar a nadie con la palabra en la boca, ni que haya alguien en un grupo que se quede como más retraído, ni cosas así. Y que me gusta de verdad escuchar la opinión de la gente, lo que sienten, cómo se encuentran cada día y demás… Que no siempre puedo preguntar por falta de tiempo ni a todo el mundo, pero bueno. Hay otros que sólo preguntan por compromiso, y a veces ni eso.

Y una persona como yo, que está en ambientes negativos constantemente, y que aún no estoy acostumbrada a que otros se preocupen por mí de verdad por todo lo de mi pasado los muchos años en que las he pasado putas, pues agradezco mucho cuando alguien me escucha o se interesa por mí sin que tenga que ser por compromiso. Será que tengo expectativas muy bajas, que en cuanto alguien me pregunta cualquier tontería con interés ya soy la persona más feliz del mundo pa’ una semana xD

Si es que el pasado me pesa mucho todavía… Tsk.

Something that makes my day much better is when I talk about something really important to me (or a problem I have), and someone asks to know more about it or to show concern because they are genuinely interested. I don’t know, it might sound silly, but it helps me a lot.