21 year old girl from Spain. Feminist, non-conformist.
I'm a curious mind, one who needs to try many different things. My interests variate throughout time but my passions always remain deep in my heart.
I devour books for breakfast, nourish my soul with laughs at lunch time, and have dinner with sports.
In the depths of the night, I arm myself with a pen and a notebook. I draft new worlds and imagine better futures, which take form in long sentences made of azure ink.
Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to leave your personal trace in this world of ours.

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vodkaliciousunflower said: yes that’s about ele..having fun with it ^-^ <3

I have to remind myself constantly ;v; I always make the same mistake, I take things too seriously and end up blaming myself for things I can’t control… It was the same with drawing, I asked too much from myself to the point I ended up hating it OTL

But this is why I try to celebrate every little progress I make, as silly as it might be, no matter how other people might do it much better than me, but I want to enjoy the path to my dreams.

→ Anonymous whispered : i love that you're naming the character yuri i think its a lovely name uwu i didnt know it was russian

Oh, I’m glad you like it!! ^^

Yes, it’s the Russian version of George :3 I love how it sounds!

vodkaliciousunflower said: yes idk about the training for figure skating, but also implies ballet :0 and that’s beautiful!

That’s true. It’s the thing I regret most, not having any opportunity to learn ballet, so I know I’m missing an important part in my training, and it’s very beautiful… But I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, I’m trying my best in spite of the circumstances and I don’t need to train like an olympian anyway. I just want to have fun and do my best ;v;


Killian is not a fucking pixie. It’s not actually his job to make sure you have a happy ending.  Especially not when his just got pretty brutally and seemingly permanently ripped away from him.  Ever hear the saying “misery loves company”?  Not saying it was the RIGHT thing to do, but Killian’s never CLAIMED to be Prince Charming.  Ariel was a veritable stranger to him, demanding he give up the ONLY thing that really mattered to him any more, in order for her to get the one thing he was being denied.

Don’t tell me you can’t understand his actions, even if you don’t agree with them.

And he apologized, sincerely and profusely, and felt genuine remorse for his actions.  That’s more than either of the other two “villains” have ever done.

vodkaliciousunflower said: I can do that also hoho, strech more..more yoga poses BUT be careful with your knee ok? ùwu

Ow, and here I was feeling special… I’m joking xD Yep, yoga is very helpul for this uvu I don’t do as much as I should, so it’s kind of a miracle that I can get this pose right now… I focus a lot more on strength and balance and I barely do any flexibility exercises D:

Anyway it’s nice that I can get this pose because I was worried the injure wouldn’t let me, and also because this is kind of the basis to do many other things, specially for skating.

I definitely need to do much more yoga.

Selfie time. Not the usual selfie, though, more of a “I’m recovering AND improving” selfie.

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Some Quick Reminders from the Boys:

Russia: You can do anything you put your mind to.
China: You are here for a reason.
Japan: It's okay to be proud of yourself.
Prussia: Things CAN always get worse, but they WILL always get better.
Germany: No one can define you but yourself.
Italy: It's okay to cry sometimes.
Romano: Your feelings are always valid.
Spain: Find something to smile about--it always helps!
England: Don't forget to breathe.
America: No one can make you feel badly unless you let them!
France: You are beautiful.
Canada: You are loved, no matter what.

vodkaliciousunflower said: madre mía! si hay rusos implicados yo estoy dentro vale? xD

AHAHAHA creo que cuando se trata de ti y de mí, siempre hay rusos implicados xD

vodkaliciousunflower said: (^o^)/ high5\(^o^)

*high 5* *clings* Bonita uvu